Sebastião da Gama stated about Portugal: “há sol a cada canto, e não há mar tão lindo noutro lado” (the sun shines in every corner, and there is no other sea like this). Starting from this proposition, IES developed the Raízes project, which intends to bring back to life the origins of the Portuguese diaspora. Families have the possibility of knowing and exploring their motherland, reliving their traditions, their roots.

The Portuguese language walks hand in hand with its culture. This project promotes a direct contact with the Portuguese lifestyle, in all its cultural, artistic, gastronomic and human splendour.

Raízes is also designed for everyone who feels curious about the true essence of being Portuguese.

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Rua de Santos Pousada, 441 –  Sala 113

4000-486 Porto – PORTUGAL

Gps: 41°09’09.8″N  |  8°35’60.0″W


PHONE NUMBER: +351 22 519 1706


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