Teachers’ Club

IES wants to take part in the development and growth of all teachers. We, thus, provide teacher training for English teachers.

These sessions, which take place in an informal environment, are free and aim at exchanging knowledge and experience. We work with several qualified speakers, with a background on teacher training.

You are invited to take part in our sessions as well as to suggest other training topics.

Contact us.


If you travel with IES, you can add to your trip a dance workshop in Dublin, a visit to the Pineapple studios in London or the backstages of Broadway or bump into Poltergeists in Edinburgh.

You can also gaze at Mona Lisa, find the God Particle (CERN), enjoy an audience with the Pope, take part in a workshop before indulging in a musical at Broadway…

We are always looking forward to hearing from our teachers and students suggestions.


Theatre Workshops

“…your students, at your school, on a stage playing Shakespeare? Yes, they can!”

We have several other plays available in:

  • Theatre Plus, Theatre Classic, Theatre Taster


We want to be your partner when you travel.

IES organizes all the travelling logistics and focuses on enhancing knowledge and personal growth.

You can always rely on our experience, proximity and professionalism.